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Does your teenager son or daughter struggle with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, disruptive behavior, anger, violence, drugs, theft, school truancy, cyber addiction, lack of respect, or other destructive behaviors? Help for Teenagers can help!

Our admissions counselors have spent a life-time working with young people and their parents. We understand that this can be a very anxious time. From your first phone call, to well after your child completes our program, we will be with you every step of the way. Call Now!

Find out why we are considered THE MOST successful and THE BEST teen treatment program

Help for Teenagers is a leading advisor for residential treatment centers in the USA. Our unique system and process help us align your teenager with the correct program. We understand the stress and anxiety that you are feeling. Our work is a labor of love and commitment to helping young men and women. Everyone here wants to help your teenager become successful. To get started:

  • Fill out the form and get or info packet
  • Call on the Call Now button.

“Our daughter, Michelle, was on a downward spiral of self destructiveness until we found ERA. All the love and help we tried on our own wasn’t enough. Her time at ERA was a true blessing and she has completely turned her life around. Where there was once self hate and doubt, now there is self love, respect and confidence. Where there was once self destructiveness, healthiness is in its place. She laughs so much now and although life throws things at her, now she is able to handle it constructively and with a positive attitude. Michelle sees that she has a future now and is eager to explore and learn. The staff at ERA has been so incredibly loving and supportive throughout our experience and we cannot thank ERA enough. Thank you for giving us back our beautiful young lady and showing her what a blessing she is to herself and to so many others.”


Mother of Graduated Student